Why Use a Legal Professional for Credit Clearance?

Why use a legal professional for credit clearance when you could do it yourself? Fair question. The truth is, yes, you could initiate a dispute with the bureaus on your own– you might even be successful. However, employing an attorney or consultant may be your best option when there are other caveats besides a default or three. They are experts on legislation changes, litigation, eligibility criteria variations between bureaus, and South Africa’s perpetually changing finance and legal landscape. Read on to unpack exactly why you should enlist the help of an attorney or consultant to help you with credit clearance.

Legislation Changes

In 2005, the National Credit Act was born. It has since suffered a great deal of changes, what with the Van Vuuren case and innumerable amendments. Part of what attorneys do is stay on track with these amendments. They also read up on new cases that may affect current courtroom disposition and future policies.

Going into credit clearance blind without a grasp on how the legal landscapes’ happenings may affect your case– even without being written into policy– is inadvisable. A legal consultant can guide you through current policies,  attitudes toward cases, and how their amalgamation might raise or lower your chances of successfully raising a dispute.


Moreover, should the bureaus reject your dispute, you may need to argue in favour of your supporting evidence. This is where an attorney or consultant comes in handy: they endured law school and trained for what we call litigation: the act of arguing in someone else’s favour using supporting legal documentation and/or other evidence; legal action. Our legal consultants have gone to great lengths to complete their much sought-after legal education, deeming them proficient in arguing your side.


Our legal consultants have an intimate relationship with credit clearance: the ins and outs of credit bureau eligibility criteria, which may vary from circumstance to circumstance.

For example, the documents you need to prove debt review removal versus remove judgments, public records, or defaults may be completely different.

Why Use a Legal Professional for Credit Clearance?

To recap, yes, you can definitely initiate the dispute process without legal aid. However, given the varying complexity of debt review, judgment and default documentation eligibility criteria, we do not advise it. It would be like jumping into Antarctica’s waters knowing only that they’re cold.

Whether you need assistance with judgment removal, debt review removal, or plain old credit clearance, Cape Town Legal Consultants is here to support you in your ITC clearance endeavours. Contact us to strategise your financial freedom with the help of Cape Town’s best.