Blacklisted: How to Clear My Name?

Are you blacklisted in South Africa and want to know how to clear your name? It’s easy! Let Cape Town Legal Consultants do the hard work for you. We use a process called credit clearance, also known an ITC clearance, to scrub all the horrible marks off your credit report on your behalf.

Did you know that this so-called “blacklist” doesn’t exist? Many South Africans have a preconceived notion in their head that the bureaus have some sort of blacklist they share with creditors so they can’t access credit–but that just isn’t true. Rather, the bureaus assess your credit history to calculate a credit score between 500 and 850. This score is communicated with lenders when they perform a hard enquiry to assess whether they should loan you money.

Credit Clearance

If you have derogatory marks on your credit report, like debt review flags, judgments, sequestration, administration orders, other a plain bad payment history, it’s time for credit clearance.

Credit clearance necessitates that the bureaus scrub all evidence of bad debt off your credit report. Under the National Credit Act, every South African consumer has the right to challenge incorrect items on their credit report, including past payment history. So, once you’ve paid off that default, it’s time to enlist Cape Town Legal Consultants’ help.

We’ll write a letter to the bureaus explaining that all your debt is paid off, using evidence to support your dispute. Included evidence might be a debt review clearance certificate, paid-up letters from creditors, or bank statements or credit reports. Then, the bureaus have 21 days to investigate your dispute, according to the National Credit Act.

There is no such thing as a blacklist.

After your dispute is approved, your credit report should be updated by the next billing cycle. You’ll no longer be “blacklisted”. Clear your credit using expert help: contact Cape Town Legal Consultants.