Get Out of Debt Review

Want to get out of debt review? Cape Town Legal Consultants have got your back! We’re experts in rescinding debt review orders and following appropriate legislation to get you out of debt counselling swiftly and hassle-free. If you need experienced legal experts in Cape Town to help you remove debt review from your life, look no further! Read on to discover how Cape Town Legal Consultants remove debt review, the circumstances under which you can rid yourself of the process, and what we need from you to initiate the process. Let’s get into it!

How do we remove debt review?

If you’ve had a change of heart or financial circumstances and wish and wish to exit debt review, you should partner with us with us and adhere to the following guidelines. Remember that the NCR strongly advises you not to exit debt review of your own accord, as you need a variety of experience in different legal experiences and language to relay evidence and arguments in perfect legalese adequately. Rather, consider partnering with one of our esteemed legal consultants for a smoother transition out of debt review.

Strategies to exit debt review

Debt review removal is no easy task and can take weeks to months to reach completion. It may also differ slightly from consumer to consumer, as everyone’s circumstances are different. It also depends on how far into the debt review process you are. However, these are the 3 strategies most of our legal consultants employ to ensure you can exit the process.

Strategy one

If you applied for debt review no more than a few days ago and want to be removed, you are more than welcome to exit the process. Once you have been issued Form 17.2, your debt counsellor has declared you over-indebted. Meaning, you’ll probably have to pay attendant fees to exit.

Note that there are fewer exit fees should you exit before the issue of Form 17.2.

Strategy two

Strategy two applies once you have been declared over-indebted but have not been issued a court order. You may still exit the debt review, solely with the court’s help. To initiate the process, you need to provide the court evidence in the same application your debt counsellor used to declare you over-indebted. The court will assess all the evidence to decide whether it should overturn its declaration of your over-indebtedness or if you should continue with debt review.

Strategy three

This strategy is for those who have been declared wholly over-indebted by the court. Once you reach this stage, the only way out is to fully meet your debt obligations. After that, you will receive a clearance certificate which you can present as evidence that you are creditworthy to the respective credit bureaus. Then, they have 21 days to remove the debt review flag from your profile.

Get Me Out of Debt Review

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