How Can I Remove Debt Review from My Name?

Having a debt review flag on your name can be incredibly detrimental to your credit score. It5 tells creditors, landlords, insurers, and even potential employers that you’re not trustworthy with money. This can lead to people second-guessing whether they should lend you credit. Accessing loans, good premiums, and favourable terms can be quite tricky if you have a mark like that staining your credit. So, how do you get it off? This page will detail everything you should know about removing debt review from your name: the process, how to expedite it, and what you can expect afterwards.

The solution to removing debt review

The yellow brick road you seek is called credit clearance. It’s a process whereby you submit evidence to the bureaus supporting your dispute: that bad marks should be removed. They can rule for or against your case, and you can decide what action to take next– happily accept their ruling or escalate the case. That’s where we come in. Cape Town Legal Consultants have been helping consumers achieve clear credit for seeming aeons. We argue your case on your behalf and pursue litigation should the need arise. We will stop at nothing when fighting for financial freedom.

How credit clearance works

After debt review, your credit score will most likely be hanging by a thread. This is because the debt review flag signals that you are not responsible with credit and need your finances to be arranged. It illustrates that you cannot be trusted with money.

That’s why it’s integral to remove the debt review flag after you’ve paid everyone back. You’ll be able to rebuild your credit, and after some time, regain access to credit.

  1. First, you need to meet the qualifying criteria, which is that you should have paid everyone back and have gotten your clearance certificate. You’ll also need a few documents to apply, namely an identity document, your debt clearance certificate, or letters from creditors confirming you’ve paid them back.
  2. Cape Town Legal Consultants will submit the supporting evidence with a write-up of why your credit should be restored.
  3. The bureau will review your case within 21 days. They’ll either rule for or against your case.
  4. You can dispute their decision with our help. We’ll make sure you get a clean slate.

How Can I Remove Debt Review from My Name?

In summary, the only way to get debt review off your debt review off your credit record is through credit clearance. Cape Town Legal Consultants are experts in this process, and are more than happy to help you fight for your financial freedom. Contact us now and strategies your argument with us.