Financial Legal Assistance

It is imperative that you do your homework before enlisting Debt Counseling services online, or otherwise. There are details which can seem inconsequential and be overlooked when signing contracts and entering legal and binding agreements. Sometimes the terminology in a contract is intimidating and you misunderstand, or else you may be confronted with challenges that mean you now need to exit the Debt Review process before you planned, which has its own set of consequences if not handled correctly. At Cape Town Legal Consultants, we have the necessary knowledge and skill set, as well as a committed, professional team who will work with you to navigate the legal landscape of your Debt Counseling legal issues.

Debt Review Removal

Once you’ve been declared debt-free through Debt Review, you will be issued a certificate saying you’re no longer listed under debt review. However, it may take a while before you can accrue debt again, as you need to clear your name from ITC.

Collaborate with trusted experts: Cape Town Legal Consultants.  From acquiring your credit report to clearing your credit record at the biggest credit bureaus in South Africa, our well-versed Cape Town Legal experts can do it all, quickly and with discretion.

Credit Clearance

How do you clear your credit in Cape Town? What’s the process? What are the legalities involved? Do you need professional help?

Cape Town Legal Consultants are here to answer all your questions about credit clearance in South Africa, as well as provide you with professional help from local experts. Rest assured that our experts are highly qualified, FSP-certified, and trusted by thousands of clients.

Get excited for clean credit and renewed financial freedom. Contact us now or discover what we offer with the Learn More button below.

Judgement Removals

Are you looking to remove a judgement from your credit score? Judgements on your credit report can be incredibly detrimental to your credit health, and so impossibly harsh on your financial freedom. It can impact your ability to take out loans and acquire credit, leaving you in the dust when it comes to retaining and acquiring assets.

Luckily, Cape Town Legal Consultant’s experts are here to help. Our highly trained experts have years of experience in assisting consumers with fixing their credit and are more than happy to help you remedy bad credit.

As a credit consumer, you may have worked hard and long to eliminate your debts and repay what you owed, and now face a legal problem that is holding you back. Perhaps the Debt Counseling service you received was not done by a registered Debt Counselor, or you did not receive the protection you were promised from asset repossession or other legal actions associated with your debts or creditors – take control today, with the help of Cape Town Legal Consultants.

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