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Possible Reasons You Can’t Get A Clearance Certificate

When it comes to the reasons you can’t get a debt clearance certificate, you’ve come to the right place. It can be debilitating living through debt review and harassment from creditors. Thanks to our debt counselling services, it’s 100% possible to overcome financial burdens. Take your first steps into the world of financial freedom: contact our Cape Town Legal Consultants today.

A recent study done in 2022 showed that consumers in South Africa spend about 63% of their salary towards debt. Households are no longer making it comfortably through a month and credit is relied on to supplement incomes, which is not ideal.

Why can't you get a debt clearance certificate

The Debt Review process has majorly contributed to shaking off debt. When exploring reasons you can’t get a clearance certificate, consider the following:

Have You Settled Outstanding Debt?

Unsettled debt during the debt review process can result in you not receiving your certificate. To avoid this, be sure you’ve completed the debt repayment plan provided by your debt counsellor. Your debt repayment plan is aligned with your affordability and is the result of negotiations done by a debt counsellor, to reduce the monthly payments you owe to each creditor. Having outstanding debts may be a reason you can’t get a clearance certificate.

Did You Comply With Your Repayment Plan?

If, during the debt review process, you did not comply with the repayment plan terms you agreed to, this can impact your financial restoration. Making irregular payments or skipping payments shows that you’re not complying and could be a possible reason you can’t get a clearance certificate. Resolving your debts requires 100% commitment.

Did You Provide All The Necessary Documents?

When nearing the end of your debt review journey, your debt counsellor should provide the supporting documentation required, to show that you’ve met all the obligations and repaid all your debts in full. If the documentation is incomplete or not provided, you could have difficulty getting your clearance certificate.

Have You Paid All Debt Review Fees?

Another possible reason you can’t get a clearance certificate is that you have not paid all your fees to the debt counsellor who assisted you. You can check with them directly and request the balance owed. Any debt counsellor who is National Credit Regulator approved will stick to the prescribed fees, which should be disclosed to you in full and upfront.

It’s possible that you are wrongfully listed, or that the debt counsellor did not follow the process correctly to acquire your Debt Review Clearance Certificate. In these cases, we understand the procedures to follow to provide a solution and help you get your certificate.

Proactively breaking free from debt through a committed approach is commendable, and the last thing you want is to reach the end of your debt rehabilitation journey with nothing to show for it on paper.

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